Game of Thrones - Westeros Cribbage Board

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Game of Thrones Cribbage Board


Explore the lands of Westeros with this fun cribbage board

Starting at the Wall

     - Go South to Winterfell

     - Follow the Kingsroad to Kings Landing

     - Continue Southwest to Highgarden

     - North to Casterly Rock

     - Continue North to Riverrun

     - Head West across the waters to the Iron Islands

     - North again but make sure you make land.  If you don't make land after the Iron Islands you are skunked

     - Continue North and back to the wall for the finish.

This board is done on Cherry wood and the Map is burnt in.  Includes a set of metal pegs.  Hanger on the back so you can display it on a wall when not playing.  Finished in multiple coats of Polyurethane to protect from spills and dirty fingers.   18" x 8" x 1".

More fun and less dangerous than trying to conquer the Iron Throne