JamSumo Game

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JamSumo Game

JamSumo is 2 Games on one Board!

In the game Jam you take turns flicking your dice and trying to get them down the center hole before your opponents.  The number on the dice matter, when one player has all his dice down the hole, the round ends, and you count up the numbers from your remaining dice for the score.  After 4 rounds lowest score wins.  So take that shot for the hole and if you knock your opponent further from the hole on the way so much the better.

In the game Sumo you play like you're in a Sumo match, your objective, to get the other guy out of the ring (off the board).  Flick your dice and try to knock your opponent off without going off yourself.   This is a fast, crazy, finger flicking game that kids and adults both love.  Played in 4 rounds and, like in Jam, the numbers on your dice matter.

Number of Players  2 - 4

Game time 10-20 Minutes.

This game comes with the handcrafted Game Board, 24 Dice and Rules and first player marker.

Available in 3 Different Woods