9 Man Morris

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9 Man Morris is an ancient strategy game dating back to at least the Roman Empire.

You and your opponent each control 9 tokens.  Moving them to try to form rows of three while your opponent tries to block you and make his own rows.   If you form a line of three you can remove an opponent's piece.   You win if your opponent is reduced to two pieces or is put in a position where they cannot make a move.

This game board is made from Cherry Wood and Birch Wood.  The images are burnt into the playing surface so they will not dull, fade or rub off.  The game features a sliding top revealing a box underneath for the storage of the playing pieces and rules.

The game comes with everything needed to play.  Playing Board, 18 Glass Playing Pieces, Rules and Storage.

The game measures 12" x 12" x 2.5"