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JamSumo Game

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JamSumo is 2 Games on one Board!

In the game Jam you take turns flicking your dice and trying to get them down the center hole before your opponents.  The number on the dice matter, when one player has all his dice down the hole, the round ends, and you count up the numbers from your remaining dice for the score.  After 4 rounds lowest score wins.  So take that shot for the hole and if you knock your opponent further from the hole on the way so much the better.

In the game Sumo you play like you're in a Sumo match, your objective, to get the other guy out of the ring (off the board).  Flick your dice and try to knock your opponent off without going off yourself.   This is a fast, crazy, finger flicking game that kids and adults both love.  Played in 4 rounds and, like in Jam, the numbers on your dice matter.

Number of Players  2 - 4

Game time 10-20 Minutes.

This game comes with the handcrafted Game Board, 24 Dice and Rules and first player marker.

Available in 3 Different Woods

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  • 5

    Posted by Kevin on 2020 Jan 21st

    Well built and beautiful to look at!

  • 5
    walnut JamSumo

    Posted by Scott on 2018 May 1st

    Top quality and very happy with purchase! Will look for a bag to hold everything in, just for ease of storage. Great, easy to deal with seller :) Let the fun begin!

  • 4
    Surface of Game has two different finishes

    Posted by Calvin on 2018 Mar 26th

    I noticed that my board has two different finishes. One has a white rough finish and the other half of the board has a smoother finish. The game is fun and playable. Although, It irks me a bit that the product isn't as perfect as I would of hoped.

  • 5

    Posted by Brandon H on 2018 Mar 16th

    Fantastic build quality. Slay played several games, and really love the simple design. Gets everyone interested and is easy to teach.

  • 5

    Posted by Keith Brandsma on 2017 Nov 3rd

    Fun dexterity game!

  • 5

    Posted by Robert on 2017 Nov 1st

    This business model is very smart. Here is an interesting but originally hard to find game now being wonderfully produced in Canada. The production quality is very high, and we've already had a tonne of fun with the game. There should be more games that are made available to a wider audience in this way.

  • 5
    Jam Sumo

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Oct 17th

    Earl produced a custom Jam Sumo board as a Christmas gift for my children with their names engraved (and at not extra charge)! Impeccable workmanship and a wonderful gift for the family to treasure. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    Jam Sumo

    Posted by Blake Wilson on 2017 Oct 2nd

    Love the game. Having a ton of fun with it.

  • 5
    great dice flicking game for the family

    Posted by Karl Fast on 2017 Sep 14th

    I've been looking for a good flicking dexterity game that is easy to play with a wide range of people, but doesn't take up a huge amount of space. Crokinole is great, but the board is big, expensive, and tough to store. Tumblin' Dice is great, but it has the same storage issue as Crokinole, if not worse. Pitchcar is also great, and I have it, but it's even more expensive since it is best if you have a couple of expansions, you need a much bigger table, and you have to set it all up. Enter JamSumo which is a lovely board, a great dexterity game, easy to teach, and yet can fits on any table, doesn't take much space to store, and setup is a breeze. The gameplay is fantastic. My family wasn't too sure about this when I explained it, but a few dice flicks later and they were hooked. Great and worth every penny.