Race Across the USA Tournament Cribbage

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Race Across The USA Tournament Cribbage Board.

*** Free Personalization ***

Add a fun new element to your cribbage games. With each game played along the standard Cribbage board on the outside track the winner gets to move their peg one more Region on the inner track. Skunk your opponent and move two spots. Starting in Maine you will move across the Regions of the USA up to Alaska and the first one to get to the beaches of Hawaii is the winner.

This board features

* Solid Cherry Wood Construction
* Metal Pegs
* Peg Storage
* Wall Hanger
* Images are burnt in and will not fade or wipe off.
* Lacquer Finish
* Free Personalization
* Inlaid Start and Skunk Lines
* 14" x 10.5" x 1"
* Free Shipping

*** For the free personalization there is room on the front for a family name (see image) or we can put a longer message on the back .... or both ***