Frustration Rummy 8 Player Version

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Frustration Rummy Game Board

8 Player Version

Also known as Contract Rummy
*** Free Personalization Available***

For those that play with large groups

Made from Solid Cherry Wood this board features:
* Magnetic Close Peg Storage Chamber
* 8 Player Tracks
* 14 Contracts
* Custom Metal Pegs Included
* Soft felt feet to protect your table
* Gloss Lacquer Finish
* 9" x 6" x 1"
* Rules Included
* Free Personalization Available

Do you have a custom list of contracts that you play different from these? Contact us about getting a custom board made just for you.

Cards not included.   8 Player Frustration Rummy requires 2 or 3 standard decks of cards to play depending on number of players

Frustration Rummy Game Board Copyright 2010 by Earl Krause and Unique Wood Products